Refund Policy

22ITC’s Technical Services believe in playing fair for it’s subscribers, clients and customers. That is 22ITC Technical Services hereby proclaims through this refund policy that We offer 100% money refunds to our customers, condition being 22ITC associated agents are unable to resolve an issue in a said period of time and a request is generated within 21 days of the actual subscription date, however no request for any sort of refund after 21 days of the services have been subscribed will be taken into consideration. Terms and Conditions that proclaim eligibility for a refund are mentioned below, however if any of the terms and conditions for a refund conflict with Refund Request. Eligibility for a refund will be considered void. .

We will offer you 100% refund in the following cases:

If our agents fail to identify and rectify the issue with your machine in a certain period of time.
If any issue reported as a request for refund is covered under the subscription as informed at the time of purchasing the subscription.
If any request introduced for Refund is within 21 days of the actual subscription date.
If any of the services are not provided as per the subscription plan and within a certain period of time and if services provided doesn’t resolve the issue reported by you.
If any issue reported is not resolved by the support team even a single time after the issue has been reported.
If for any reason you are not sure about making a payment, please feel free to contact us and discuss it with us, we assure you that we will be completely fair.

Our refund procedures, only allows us to refund to credit card/paypal that you used to pay us. Kindly don’t ask us for cheques or bank transfers. We don’t take any payments via cheques or bank transfers and we don’t offer any refunds via cheque or bank transfer. Please, don’t waste your valuable time on it as this option is not available with us.

The maximum refund that we offer is what we have charged. If your system has been repaired/opened by anyone other than us, we are not responsible for any damages or compensation.