Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Quality business interactions require trust. Organizations must demonstrate accountability to gain and retain clients, employees and suppliers. This accountability extends beyond the immediate stakeholders; society at large is also impacted by the actions taken by businesses. Long-term strategy should encourage a comprehensive, positive and forward-looking perspective, recognizing the importance of responsible and ethical decision-making.

We at 22ITC are COMMITTED | to fulfilling what we believe is our obligation to the communities in which we live and operate, as well as to society and the environment at large. It is our obligation to put the best interests of our employees, customers, communities and environment at the forefront of our strategies and goals.


We at 22ITC believes in the power of Employees. We are dedicated to supporting and facilitating the personal and professional goals of our employees and IT consultants, we are also committed to attracting, developing and retaining great IT talent required by organizations to achieve desired outcomes that benefit the marketplace and the workforce at large. We are honored to play a part in job creation, enabling career growth for high-performing IT professionals by aligning them with opportunities that allow them to excel.


We believe in giving back and helping to build and develop the future workforce. We’ve assist our employees with community volunteerism by providing financial aid for eligible organizations. Today, we work directly with employees to provide charitable matching donations. As an organization, 22ITC supports many charitable organizations.

Environmental Responsibility

22ITC recognizes we have a part in protecting the environment. We seek to lessen our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. Below is a standard programs and efforts for our offices.

  1. Introduced desk-side recycling bins, improving the convenience of recycling for all employees, and provide multiple recycling-only bins for paper, glass, plastic and aluminium products. All shredded documents are baled and recycled through our document destruction vendor.
  2. Increased the percent of employees paid through direct deposit to 92%, saving thousands of checks and envelopes.
  3. Reduced the percent of consultants who fax timesheet to less than 8% (they now use online Web Time sheets), saving paper and energy.
  4. Virtualized servers for various applications used every day, reducing 80 percent of Web servers and their associated energy usage.
  5. Reduced non-biodegradable landfill waste by eliminating disposable cups made of expanded polystyrene foam (i.e., Styrofoam) and provided every new employee with a hard-plastic drinking cup and ceramic mug for daily use.
  6. Purchased green office and cleaning supplies. Last year, nearly 90 percent of our office supplies purchased nationally were recycled or environmentally friendly products.
  7. Encouraged and installed double-sided printings to reduce our paper consumption.
  8. Installed motion-sensor lighting throughout offices to save energy when areas are not in use.