Staff Augmentation

We are a fastest growing web design, web development and a leading national IT Staffing agency based in Astoria, New York, providing professional staffing, IT Staffing and IT Services solutions nationwide. We at 22ITC, offers a wide range of IT services such as Website Design, Website Development, Applications and Products development, Mobile Application Development, support and maintain legacy applications, Project management Consulting, Quality Consulting, Consulting in Test Automation solutions, Re-engineering and Integration Services, Contract Staffing, IT Staffing, IT services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Faced with the necessity of project-specific labor, a service increasingly becoming popular among the corporate houses because of the cost efficiency and effectiveness of the practice.

Benefits of Contract Staffing in IT Staffing are:

The ability to hire for specific projects and specific periods of time;
Improved access to special expertise in hard-to-find disciplines;
Reduced recruitment costs;
Elimination of employment related issues;
Transfer of complex HR, logistical and statutory compliance responsibilities to a provider who understands these issues and has developed processes to effectively mitigate risk.

Contract professionals provide corporate with the speed and flexibility that sometimes require meet your changing business demands. Our contract staff can fill your short-term or long-term positions and you only pay them for the project duration. Their familiarity with various business environments helps to jump-start your projects.

The terms of contract staffing, IT Staffing entail that consultants or professionals will be on ‘22ITC’ payrolls but will be working for the client’s project. They will however be bound by the rules and regulations of the hiring company.

Regardless of whether your company is looking for leaders, managers or front line employees, we have the experience, expertise and depth of knowledge to find you the best talent. Our team of consultants comes with varied domain & industry expertise and is focused on sourcing the right people for your organization.

For clients looking to expand their information technology resource capacity without incurring operational and administrative costs while mitigating the risk of bad-hire, ‘22ITC’ contract staffing, IT Staffing model is the made-to-order solution.

When you don’t need to hire full-time experts in fields like ERP Consultants, Software Developers, DBA, business analyst, Quality Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Programmers, Network Administrators etc. Reach ‘22ITC’ to support you!


22ITC also provides contract-to-hire services. Under this, after critical evaluation of consultants’ capabilities and managerial skills while on the job, the client organization may decide on absorbing the team deputed on their project, under mutually accepted terms.

22ITC’s reputable team is comprised of recruitment specialists and headhunters within Information Technology, Supply Chain & Logistics, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing and Engineering for all levels within an organization from executive to administrative. Our General Division recruits in a wide number of other disciplines to better serve our clients and offer the full service expected of an international recruitment firm. With teams nationwide and decades of experience in the industry, 22ITC has both the expertise and the international resources to meet any search requirements.