Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment

We at 22ITC, always look for some of the brightest minds from the elite engineering and graduate colleges around the world. In United States, Canada, India we hire Engineering Graduates, Post-Graduates for technical positions through our Campus Recruitment drives. We also hire Diploma Graduates. Most of this hiring is done in the final year of studies. In the Americas and Europe, we hire management graduates and under-graduates for roles in consulting and business development. Our interview process and trainings offered thereafter are crafted specifically to suit the best.

Our IT Staffing clients, keep hiring for some of the brightest minds from the elite engineering and graduate colleges around the world. Campus Recruitment has always been one of the most vital sources of hiring the right talent. It provides a platform for our Organization to meet the aspirants and pick up intelligent, committed youth who will become valuable assets.

Employees form the core of our organization and we take efforts to get the “Best Talent” through our Campus Recruitment drives. Our Recruitment activity commences as per business needs gathered from Internal “Website Design” & Develop Teams, Mobile Apps Design & Develop Teams and IT Staffing team. The crux of these activities is to pick up the employable youths who have the requisite enthusiasm and zeal to prove their worth. Our Campus team comprises of Interviewers including Alumni from Campus Colleges, who are currently our Employees. They are a very important constituent, for our efforts to get transformed into fruits of success.

We, at 22ITC are not only restricted to campuses but we have extended our reach by innovative sources too. Opportunities are given to every deserving candidate for joining our organization and let their innovation and knowledge play on the ground of reality.

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